Activities & Progress

Uplift the living condition of orphans, disabled, abused and other vulnerable children who are homeless in the Mavanze village area, by providing to their basic needs.

The Foundation started in 2005 with 98 children, in 2011 we were already assisting 132 children.
10 orphaned / poor girls are benefiting from a God parenting system, being supported in education as well as in clothes and food.
24 homeless children, 12 girls and 12 boys are living in our hostel.
A dining hall was built and is used as a soup kitchen to provide lunch to our children.

Promote education to local children as a way of achieving their aims in life, re-enrolling children that dropped out of school back into school and assisting them with their homework.

The dining hall also serves as a kindergarten/grade 0 class where we prepare children for grade 1. In Mavanze village government schools start from grade 1 and do not accommodate for kintergarten/grade 0.
10 children that dropped out of school are now successfully registered back into school.
Children are assisted with their school homework.
The Foundation provides school stationery to the children they assist.

Equip children and young people with information, especially in areas of STD’s and HIV/AIDS, danger of alcohol and drug abuse and teenage pregnancies through life skill training and awareness campaigns with the aim of prevention and protection.

After a 2 week workshop on HIV/AIDS prevention held by the foundation with 30 youth, they later decided to form a Home Based Care group to assist people and educate the community on HIV/AIDS.
The children are taught and informed on the danger of alcohol, drug abuse and the consequences of unwanted teenage pregnancies.
HIV/AIDS Home Based Care workshop for two weeks training 20 youth from Mavanze.

Support orphans and vulnerable children by giving them love, teaching them how to care and love one another and to help themselves and friends who are in the same situation to not feel left out or vulnerable.

The Foundation has introduced Bible study.
The Foundation is working closely with the Lifeline Childline department to teach children and the committee on how to handle vulnerable children. How to care and love children.
Children play drama to express their hardship of daily life they had before the project, in this a way they tell their stories and free themselves from the wounds kept in their hearts.
In December 2007, 12 children went camping to Desert Rhino Camp, where they met with children from S.O.S Village in Tsumeb. The children were taught how to care and love one another, about HIV/AIDS, about love for the environment and protecting wild animals.

Assist those children with social problems by referring them to professional people for therapy and counseling.

Some children were referred to Childline Lifeline for counseling.
The Foundation has registered 7 disabled children, which are benefiting through playing with different friends, which they never had before.
The Foundation has registered 7 disabled children, which are benefiting through playing with different friends, which they never had before.

Contribute towards the alleviation of poverty and to enable people to function independently through the establishment of self-help programmes and skills training.

The Foundation takes part in income generating activities such as baking bread and gardening to support the children with food, clothes and education.
A garden was built for Cassava to produce flour for porridge, a garden for different vegetables like spinach, cabbage, carrots, beans, sweet potatoes, chilies, onion and eggplants.
The activities done at the Foundation have created skill in some community of Mavanze, whereby they practice some of the activities like baking bread in their households.

Solicit funds in order to reach the above objectives of the organization. The Foundation received once off funds from different donors to reach its objectives. And so far donors such as UNICEF, UNAIDS, NAMDEB, Stubenrauch Planning Consultants, Pupkewitz Megabuild, individuals, private companies, CAFO, Ministry of Agriculture, Rotary International, Rundu Rotary Club, parastatals, communities, the American Embassy and the French Embassy, Lions Club Luxembourg, Namibia Institute of Pathology have supported the foundation with funds to run the project.