How can you help?

The Foundation would be extremely grateful for any financial contributions or any goods which could be used by the children and community. See the list of current needs in order of priority below.

Needs - In Order Of Priority

Seating in front of the hostel. Benches and trees for shade for studing and meetings.
Fence off the Foundation plot to prevent goats from eating the trees inside the plot.
Computers, educational books and stationery
School fees (on going)
Holiday camp for educational purposes
School uniforms and shoes
Extra classes
Drama performances
Extra income generating activities
A trailer
Book shelves

Determined Costs

Items Costs
Books for Library
N$ 15 000.00
N$ 25 000.00
School uniform
N$ 75 000.00
N$ 50 000.00
Educational tour
N$ 50 000.00
Skills development materials
N$ 10 000.00
Food for one year
N$ 78 000.00
Soccer and netball uniform
N$ 30 000.00
Chairs and tables
N$ 20 000.00
Renovation of hostel
N$ 100 000.00