Theresia’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children Foundation was founded and is organized and run by the Namibian Elizabeth Vendura Hilger, born at Musese in the Kavango Region, now residing at Mavanze.

From Elizabeth:
“The idea came to my mind when my mother Theresia Vendura passed away on 20 July 2005. Many people came together to mourn the death of their friend, but in the end, especially young children left our home with food. Later I discovered they were poor children, orphans, and abused children. My mom’s death was like an opportunity for them to go and eat food. Since we are from the same location and region I wanted to create a project that will last and see to it that the children in need get the help they need.”

The Foundation currently cares for orphans, the poor, the disabled, the abused and other children who are homeless in the Mavanze village area. We propose to start small and target children on a greatest-needs basis. However, as our efforts increase we would like to increase the number of children and young people that benefit.

The Foundation operates from the late Theresia’s house from Monday to Friday. It is registered with the Ministry of Health as a Welfare Organization. It is also registered with the Kavango Regional Council and The Church Alliance For Orphans (CAFO).

Aim & Objectives

Uplift the living condition of orphans, disabled, abused and other vulnerable children who are homeless in the Mavanze village area, by providing to their basic needs.
Promote education to local children as a way of achieving their aims in life re-enrolling children that dropped out of school back into school and assisting them with their homework.
Equip children and young people with information, especially in areas of STD’s and HIV/AIDS, danger of alcohol and drug abuse and teenage pregnancies through life skill training and awareness campaigns with the aim of prevention and protection.
Support orphans and vulnerable children by giving them love, teaching them how to care and love one another and to help themselves and friends who are in the same situation to not feel left out or vulnerable.
Contribute towards the alleviation of poverty and to enable people to function independently through the establishment of self-help programmes and skills training.
Assist those children with social problems by referring them to professional people for therapy and counseling.
Solicit funds in order to reach the above objectives of the organization.


As a purely charitable organisation, our staff are unpaid volunteers, comprised mainly of committee members living within Mavanze village area.


The range of Moringa Oleifera products produced by the Foundation include:

AVAILABLE from Tambuti Lodge in Rundu.

ORDERS from outside the region can be sent with the courier of your choice.
Transport cost for client.